Workshop leaders

Cynthia Hurn is a freelance writer, editor, and award-winning co-author of non-fiction books including Not My Secret to Keep, The Art of Healing and No Buddy Left Behind. She majored in Psychology and Creative Writing at University, and her earlier educational background included Horticulture, Counselling, and Reiki Energy Practice. Devoting much of her life to caring for rescued dogs, wild baby birds, and horses, she is also a founding member of the Cafe Write writer's group in Minehead.

Fascinated by story and its potential for bringing about healing, growth, and transformation, Cynthia writes for and about people whose challenges have become a source of transformation and growth and who have created a blueprint for living inspirational lives.

Cynthia lives in Somerset, England and in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. She enjoys golf, kayaking, walking her golden retriever, and telling ten-foot tales to her grandchildren.


Graeme Ryan is a Stogumber drama teacher, playwright and published poet with over thirty years in full-time creative education with both young people and adults.


Yvette Staelens, is a performer, song writer and arranger who directs Somerset's Voice of the People Community Choirs, Halsway Choir, Moor Voices as well as leading song and harmony workshops in the UK, Ireland, California and Australia.

 She is a natural voice practitioner who believes that everyone can sing. Yvette specialises in harmony singing and in this workshop we will explore harmonic traditions from Europe, North America and England; seeking a little soul food in African-American songs, modality in Central Europe and some uplifting West Gallery.

 All taught aurally, no need to read music, some words provided. Yvette's enthusiastic nurturing teaching style means that anyone can do it! Workshops participants will learn a song that they can sing in the Voice of the People performance at 3pm in the square! Come for fun and leave uplifted!

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