Jacob and Drinkwater

Less than a week after their first rehearsal, singer songwriter, Tobias ben Jacob, and in-demand double bassist, Lukas Drinkwater, performed their debut set as a duo on stage at Glastonbury Festival.  The reaction from the audience sealed their fate and now their masterful, inventive delivery is mesmerizing all who encounter them.

Recently lauded by BBC 6's Tom Robinson, this Devon-based duo have continued to make waves on the folk and acoustic scene and their appearance on the Doric Stage at last year’s Bristol Folk Festival was hailed by many as one of the highlights of the weekend.

The duo’s live show is a dynamic and emotionally-charged affair, ranging from high-crystalline falsetto led tracks like 'We Are the First Ones Now' to more driving riff-driven earthy numbers like 'I Breathe In Life’, with Tobias’s startling vocal and guitar work being perfectly complemented by Lukas’s masterful upright bass playing and backing vocals. 

The pair's on-stage chemistry is truly enjoyable; funny and genuinely likeable, they're clearly having a blast, offering up some light relief between the intensity of the music with some gentle joshing, good humour and bad jokes!! It's a partnership which delivers on many levels, and it's clear to see why these two are building such a reputable name for themselves.

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