About Stogumber and the Festival

Stogumber Festival is a celebration of the performing arts. For a few days in September each year this quiet west Somerset village is transformed into a centre for musical and other events.

Each year’s Festival programme is designed to appeal to audiences both local and from the wider community by providing a mix of international and local artists, and a range of music styles – classical (in its broadest sense), jazz and folk. Other forms of performance, including dance and poetry reading, are included in some years.

The artists we invite to take part are all extremely talented people. We are responding to local demand for major international musicians to perform in an area that provides few opportunities to hear world-class music. And we encourage and support talented young local artists at the start of their careers by giving them a platform alongside these more experienced musicians.

We offer an education facility for the local school by holding instrument workshops, and for the Centre for Young Musicians in Taunton with master classes by visiting musicians.

The Festival could not take place without the active support of the local community. Our venues currently include the church for formal concerts, the smaller venue of the village hall  and the pub’s skittle alley for some late evening free concerts, as well as the village square for outdoor performances, bar and teas.

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