Back to the Festival following the success two years ago, there are three exciting workshop opportunities.  Sign up for a Drumming Workshop with Marion  Nieuwenhuizen, "The Big Sing", a  singing workshop  with Yvette Staelens and Creative Writing with Dixie Darch  

Cost £10 each 

Drumming Workshop in the Skittle Alley of The White Horse Inn at 9.30am -10.30am on Saturday 8th September   £10

Singing workshop in the Skittle Alley of The White Horse Inn at 11am - 12.30pm on Saturday 8th September with a showcase sing through after lunch (Provide your own or available by pre-booking at the White Horse)       £10

Creative writing workshop in the Skittle Alley of The White Horse Inn at 11.00am- 12.30pm on Sunday 9th September      £10

DRUMMING WORKSHOP            £10

Saturday 8th September 9.30- 10.30 am in the Skittle Alley of the White Horse Inn

FabDrumming workshops are funky, inclusive, musical fun and suitable for all ages and abilities. Even if you’ve never played an instrument before, within a short time you’ll be playing a drum or another percussion instrument. We’ll play some simple rhythms and when the patterns are combined the result is a groovy piece of music. You’ll be surprised at the ease with which you play and the joy it gives you.

After laying the groundwork, we’ll practice starting and stopping together and build in little musical jokes. I’ll also encourage you to improvise your own rhythms and make in the moment music. Everyone is involved and contributes to the music. There is no audience. There is no right or wrong. A drumming circle like this creates a sense of community and connection and is a lot of fun!


The BIG SING at Stogumber Festival with Yvette Staelens- all abilities welcome.

 Saturday 8th September 11.00am -12.30pm at The White Horse Inn in the Skittle Alley with showcase after lunch

Yvette Staelens, is a performer, song writer and arranger who directs Somerset's Voice of the People Community Choirs, Halsway Choir, Moor Voices as well as leading song and harmony workshops in the UK, Ireland, California and Australia.

 She is a natural voice practitioner who believes that everyone can sing. Yvette specialises in harmony singing and in this workshop we will explore harmonic traditions from Europe, North America and England; seeking a little soul food in African-American songs, modality in Central Europe and some uplifting West Gallery.

 All taught aurally, no need to read music, some words provided. Yvette's enthusiastic nurturing teaching style means that anyone can do it! Workshops participants will learn a song that they can sing in the Voice of the People performance at 3.00pm in the square! Come for fun and leave uplifted!

If you are coming to the singing workshop you might want to pre-order lunch at the White Horse pub to avoid waiting


Sunday 9th September 11.00am to 12.30pm in the Skittle Alley of the White Horse Inn

Put Words on the Page, a creative writing workshop with Dixie Darch

Are you a secret scribbler? Or think you might be? Come out in this workshop with like-minded souls, where a series of inspiring exercises will help get those words out of your head and onto the page. This workshop will be about finding your voice, exploring, making mistakes and having fun in a supportive collaborative environment. It will not be a literary competition. Both beginners and more experienced writers welcome….bring pen, paper, laptop or tablet.

Dixie Darch is a prose-writer who has many years’ experience teaching English and Creative Writing. She has an MA in Creative Writing from Bath Spa University.

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