Stogumber Festival committee are very sorry to say that the 2019 Festival was the last one for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end if there is no appetite for them, and we have not seen sufficient support for an audience for paying concerts, nor have we been able to attract further committee members to enable the continuation of the Festival. There are many reasons for this, including enthusiasts moving away, an increase in numbers of excellent musical events around the region, austerity affecting ticket sales and the current fluidity around committing to booking in advance of events.

We have had a wonderful time since the Festival started in 2013, inviting favourite musicians to perform in our village. World class musicians across all genres of music have performed here and given hours of wondrous entertainment. And now it is also wonderful to see many of them performing elsewhere and to hear them on radio, TV and even at the cinema! In some cases we were very lucky to be at the beginning of their stellar career and it is a great joy when we hear that they have won awards- both in Folk and Classical music.  

We would like to thank you all very much for the support you have given over the past 7 years and hope that you have the happy memories that we all have. We will retain the legal structure and branding of Stogumber Festival. Maybe we will be able to put on a few concerts here and there in future just to keep our hand in! Never say never! Consequently we will not respond to performance enquiries

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