Brand-new to the Festival!  Two exciting workshop opportunities.  Sign up for "The Big Sing", a Saturday morning singing workshop  with Yvette Staelens or  ‘Feeling into Words’ a Sunday afternoon of Creative Writing with author Cynthia Hurn assisted by Stogumber writer Graeme Ryan

Pre-booking by 23rd August essential     

Cost £10 for each to include refreshments 

Singing workshop in the Skittle Alley of The White Horse Inn at 10am - 12.00 on Saturday 3rd September Minimum 20 participants

Writing workshop in the Skittle Alley of The White Horse Inn at 1pm - 3.30pm on Sunday 4th September Minimum 8 participants



Ever wanted to put that feeling, that story, that true event into words? Find a space for your creativity in the company of professional writer Cynthia Hurn who, when she is not in her native America, leads Café Write in Minehead where she provides just the right supportive, enabling atmosphere for people to bring to life what was always there and just needed a voice. No previous experience is necessary, only an open heart and a willingness to give new things a go! Bring a pen and we’ll provide the paper!


This will be followed by a Tea-Time Poetry Performance in the Skittle Alley at The White Horse Inn at 3.30pm – 4.30 pm featuring some of the Taunton-based Fire River Poets group, plus an invitation for any workshop attendee to read what they have written that very afternoon! 


The BIG SING at Stogumber Festival with Yvette Staelens- all abilities welcome.

 Saturday 3rd September 10am -12.00 at The White Horse Inn in the Skittle Alley

Tickets £10 to include refreshments

Minimum participants 20

Pre-booking by 23rd August required.

Yvette Staelens, is a performer, song writer and arranger who directs Somerset's Voice of the People Community Choirs, Halsway Choir, Moor Voices as well as leading song and harmony workshops in the UK, Ireland, California and Australia.

 She is a natural voice practitioner who believes that everyone can sing. Yvette specialises in harmony singing and in this workshop we will explore harmonic traditions from Europe, North America and England; seeking a little soul food in African-American songs, modality in Central Europe and some uplifting West Gallery.

 All taught aurally, no need to read music, some words provided. Yvette's enthusiastic nurturing teaching style means that anyone can do it! Workshops participants will learn a song that they can sing in the Voice of the People performance at 3pm in the square! Come for fun and leave uplifted!


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