Ben & Alfie

Ben & Alfie are an engagingly individual duo of 5-string Violin, Double Bass and Voices. Always pushing the boundaries of their own intimate sound, they combine intricate music with powerful lyrics. They have performed as far afield as Spain and Senegal as well as some of the UK’s most prominent venues.

They have performed at festivals such as Bristol Folk Festival, HOME festival, Summer Sundae, Interrogate, Westcountry Storytelling Festival and were awarded The Musicians’ Union Ensembles Award” at The MFY National Festival 2012. This young duo are fast becoming a much sought after act, supporting renowned artists such as Chris Wood and Seth Lakeman.

Ben & Alfie have forged a unique sound that is possible only because of their close understanding of each other as musicians, performers and brothers. Their complex rhythms and colourful harmonies are drawn from an eclectic range of influences including West-African, Latin and Eastern European traditions. As classically trained musicians they have obtained a clarity of sound that is rivalled only by their comfortable and commanding presence on stage. They achieve a fine balance of subtle musicianship with a raw and fiery energy that has consistently moved and delighted a wide variety of audiences.

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