Gypsy Fire Quartet

Stuart Carter-Smith – guitar
Will Barnes – guitar
Ben Holder – violin
Paul Jefferies – double bass

Lightening guitar pick-and-strum from founders Carter-Smith and Barnes meets the mesmerising bow-and-pluck of violinist and bassist Holder and Jefferies, combining breathtaking musical virtuosity and sheer dynamics to create possibly one of the most exciting performances you will ever hear. 

The Gypsy Fire musicians each has a distinctive pedigree and background. Together, they breathes new life into dark and impish melodies from the worlds of classical, jazz, Latin, rock, blues and beyond. Each piece is performed with passion and flair, drawing the audience in – teasing and surprising with twists and turns of harmony, then attacking rhythm, before great beauty gives way to powerful crescendo.

 The quartet (with new guitarist Will Barnes) appears with what is these days recognised as a classic Gypsy Jazz line-up, but a far cry from the regular fare of the genre. Gypsy Fire take four acoustic instruments and wring every ounce of passion and excitement out of their two guitars, violin and double bass. They are selling out at theatres throughout the UK.


‘Have you seen or heard the band Gypsy Fire? If not, do yourself a favour… their repertoire encompasses a broad field, they are knock-out musicians who play with passion, joy and humour. Brilliant’ – Hank Marvin

‘They brought an utterly dynamic crescendo to our festival's final night’ – Max Mason, Director, Oxford Jazz Festival

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